Fury - Shirley Marr Gotta say, all the hassle was worth it. It's a great novel, but it's not a comfortable book to read. The characters aren't that sympathetic, although I learned to appreciate them by the end. And I have to say I felt like Eliza, not sorry at all about what had happened. Maybe I'm weird or cruel, but I thought it was great. Good riddance and all that (don't look at me like that, it's true).


I went to a LOT of trouble to buy this ebook. The Australian website that sold it wouldn't allow my Brazilian ass to buy it. You needed to be in Australia to buy it. I was pissed. I really wanted to read it. I tried everything. I even contacted the author. However, I wasn't able to get the book. It has been months since I first wanted to read it, tonight I was done with the wanting I was going to get this ebook even if it meant flying to Australia. If there's a will, there's a way.

Sooooo, I finally found a solution. It took time and money, but damn it all to hell I now have the damn ebook. *grins manically*

If anyone wants to follow in my crazy footsteps, here is how I did it:

1) I got myself an Australian Proxy. An Australian VPN would also have worked. I got mine at: http://www.vpnsecure.me
I paid their $2 trial fee for 2 days of service. I only needed a few minutes so I could trick the website to think I was in Australia for it to sell me the ebook. However, the $2 trial fee was the least expensive VPN/Proxy server that I found. I bought the service, set up my firefox to use their Australian Proxy and went to the site.

2) This was the easiest part. Since now the site thought I was in Australia, it finally showed me the buy now button. I just clicked on it, registered my email and password. Right after that I got an email from the bookish site to confirm my email. I did that and after it I just logged in again and gave them my credit card info. They didn't even ask for an address, I was all ready to make up an Australian one, but it wasn't even necessary. Just your credit card info and voila the ebook is yours for the taking. You do need to click in the link to the ebook they send you and you need to login, but after you have already bought it they don't care where you are so you don't need the proxy or the vpn service anymore. That's it.

*does Numfar's dance of joy*

I hope my madness has helped someone to get the book if they truly wish for it. Good luck and feel free to contact if you need any help.

And I'm off to read it.