Ashfall (Ashfall, #1) - Mike Mullin After thinking about it and reading Ashen Winter, I think this book deserves 4 stars for sure. I'd probably give them both 5 stars a week ago, but since I've read The Fault in Ours Stars by John Green I cannot give any other book 5 stars now. But I'm a Mike Mullin fan for sure. Well done, sir!

I'm not gonna write a review for it. Phoebe North already wrote the perfect one here:

I'm just gonna add my favorite quote in the whole book, which incidentally is also mentioned on Phoebe's great review:

“The most important part of seeing Darla every night wasn’t the fooling around. It was the few minutes we talked while holding each other, the feeling of security I got with her, the feeling of being understood and loved. Before the eruption, I wouldn’t have believed that I could cuddle up every night with the girl who starred in my dreams and not be totally preoccupied with sex. But the trek across Iowa had changed something. I wanted, needed to see her so badly that it woke me up at night. But making out was incidental to my need–nice when it happened, but secondary to the simple pleasure of sleeping beside her."