Chasing Magic - Stacia Kane The ARC of this book was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I have to first thank NetGalley for providing me with the ARC of this book. I was so happy when I was approved, you have no idea.

Anyway, let's get to the review.

Stacia Kane really did a wonderful job with this book. It's a fantastic read and a great addition to the series. I'm not sure if this is the final book, but if it is there couldn't be a better ending. I'm gonna try to not spoil anything, but I will mention some things that happen in the book. Especially about Chess and Terrible's relationship. *swoons*

I adore Terrible. He is one of the most interesting charactere to ever grace the Urban Fantasy genre. Stacia Kane is a talented writer who made us fall in love with a ugly drug dealer enforcer. I would never have guessed that a character like that could be such a great leading man. If you love Terrible and Chess together like I do, you will love this book.

The plot revolves around the fact that some drugs are showing up in Downside spiked with something nasty and ghost related, which is causing the horrifying death of the users. Chess needs to find out who is doing it and how to stop it, because Bump has yet again demanded that she get involved. Since Chess is a regular drug user this new development upsets and worries her, it;s just too close to home. The infected drugs are also showing up in Lex's side of town, which complicates things even more for Chess.

What I love about Chess is that it really doesn't matter how many drugs she takes or how she has no self-esteem, she is good person who wants to help others. She is quite selfless and it upsets me that she can's see how wonderful she can be. If only she could see herself more clearly. And although she frets a lot about her relationship with Terrible and does some things that make us want to shake her, their love for each other is undeniable. This book had me swooning when reading about Terrible and his Chessiebomb.

Lex makes a few appearances and even though I'm always worried when he interacts with Terrible and Chess, I shouldn't because it seems that nothing, not even Lex, will ruin their relationship. This book takes their relationship to the next level which made me so very happy. I do like Lex and I enjoy his interaction with Chess. I think him and his sister, Blue, make great friends for Chess. She sure needs friends with all the trouble she gets in.

One thing made me kind of sad. Chess' relationship with Elder Griffin changes in this novel. I won't spoil you, but they finally have a meaningful conversation, one that I was hoping for, but the result is that their relationship is forever altered.

The mystery is well done and the solution to it is very satisfying. Stacia Kane really knows how to write and how to make her readers engrossed with the story. With each book she gets better and better. I really couldn't have wish for a better installment. So, I suggest you run to the bookstore on the release date to get your hands on a copy!