Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost Reread on 01/04/2013


First read on 06/26/2012

Edited on 06/27/2012: I'm removing one star as of today. I had a day to think about it and another complaint arose in my head: WHERE WAS THE HUMOR? Ok, Leila was pretty funny, but where was funny Vlad? He was hilarious in all of his Nigh Huntress appearances and I cannot for the life of me remember one quip of his in this book!


Ok, thinking about it I realize I have a complaint to make and I can't believe I'm about to say this, BUT: I wish there was more romance in it. Yeah yeah, I know. It usually is the other away around, but in this case I wanted more romance, dammit. I know that expecting romance from Vlad is bizarre, but there you have it. I wanted more. More Vlad, more Leila, more romantic feelings. Damn it all to hell, I sound lame. I loved Leila, she was fierce, so no complaints there. Vlad was also on top form, bit still. Would it killed Jeaniene to give us more love all around? I guess it fits the story and the characters, but I'm still grumpy. Sorry.

I have mad love for Vlad. After all, I named my cat after him. I need more Vlad. Do you hear that Jeaniene. Give me more Vlad. NOW!!!!

I'm willing to trade my first born for an ARC of this book. Any takers?

I need my Vlad fix NOW!

Bones who? Vlad is the motherfucking man!