The Feminist and the Cowboy: An Unlikely Love Story - Alisa Valdes Such bullshit.

The relationship described in this "memoir" ended before the book was published. The author took to her blog to confess that the relationship was abusive. I think if you read the book it's pretty clear where it was going. There are a LOT of red flags. Now she's writing a sequel on her blog about the abuse and how she fell for it.

I guess I would be more supportive if she hadn't written a book about how feminism had destroyed her happiness in love and how we women should learn to submit to an alpha male (and she doesn't mean sexually).

Plus, the author has lied a lot before. She lied about being bisexual to an LGBT site (in a written/email interview) and then took to her blog to deny it. She said she was bipolar and then denied on her blog. She seems to make controversial statements and then deny then on her blog. Then she deletes her blog posts with the denials although screencaps exist. Even her first confession about the abuse and this book was deleted from her blog. I really don't know what to think of her. I think it's just sad and that women should stay away from this book.