Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout I'm quite surprised with how much I enjoyed this novel. It's full of cliches and tropes, but the author makes it work in her favor. And it's just plain good old FUN. If you liked the TV series Roswell (which I LOVED) you will enjoy this.

Plus, the LOVE/HATE relationship is quite fun to read about and I like that the heroine knows the difference between love and lust. That you can lust after someone and also quite dislike them as a person. That's the most original thing on this book.

However, I'm now halfway through book 2 and I'm not enjoying it as much as book 1. Book 2 is even more cliched and it has too much relationship angst. I HATE when authors use the worst excuses just to keep the main couple apart to create fake tension. I can't abide a heroine who just won't make up her mind. Plus, there a kind of love triangle and you all know how much I ABHOR love triangles. They are the bane of my existence. So yeah, my excitement for this series has waned.