Moon Called - Patricia Briggs I enjoyed this book a lot more than I remember from my first read, I'm upping it to 3.5 stars. I had forgotten everything about the story, so it was a good reread. I'm not sure why I didn't like it much the first time, I just don't remember, especially since I enjoyed it quite a bit this time. I think the love triangle bugged me, it still does. Love triangles are the bane of my existence and I have the utmost disgust towards them. Here it doesn't help that I dislike Samuel quite a bit. Adam is fine and I do like him. I think that when I first read this book I wasn't that into shifters and weres. I am and always was a big vampire fan, but I only came to appreciate and fall in love with shifters/weres after reading the Kate Daniels series and falling in love with Curran. Ilona Andrews got me into the weres/shifters bandwagon, so I learned to appreciate them a lot more when I reread this novel. I don't think it will ever be my favorite series. I do like and respect Mercy, but there's a couple of things that annoy me about her and I know that something happens in book 3 that put me off the series the first time (although I never read book 3 and only read the spoiler). I'm willing to give it a chance now and I'm in the middle of book 3, but I'm still not fangirling all over this series. I hope that changes, since I'm enjoying the world and characters, but I'm betting it won't. It's still better than a lot of the crap out there but it just isn't as good as Kate Daniels or Harry Dresden in my opinion.

Before my reread:

So, I read this book and book 2 years and years ago and I wasn't impressed with the series. I gave up on it. Now I'm considering getting back to it. I'll have to reread the first two, since I don't remember much about it.

My question to my goodreads friends is this: Should I try it again? Should I give Mercy another chance? Please, tell me in the comments. Thanks!